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This community is for fans of the 1985 film Ladyhawke starring Rutger Hauer as “Etienne Navarre,” Michelle Pfeiffer as “Isabeau,” and Matthew Broderick as “Phillipe Gaston.” This is a timeless and beautiful film that I never get tired of revisiting.

Discussion, questions, fanfiction, icons, pictures, artwork, and links about the film, the characters, and the actors and actresses are welcome. Please abide by LJ rules. Place long posts and fanfiction behind an LJ cut. Label your post as necessary and give ratings or warnings when appropriate.


I'm SOOOO glad you started this! I love this movie...Rutger Hauer was at his most beautiful in this. I still drool when I watch him. What was always so funny though was there was more chemistry between Navarre and Phillipe than either had with Isabeau.
Yeah, Navarre and Phillipe did have a spark between them, didn't they.;)
Ah, what a beautiful movie! I learned of it from a rumor that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game had been inspired by elements of the film. Since seeing the film and the game, I've realized that the only true similarity is the transformation from man to wolf and back. There IS a hawk in LoZ: TP but it is not Zelda as originally believed.


hey glad to see there is a forum out there for this movie, but alas..i see no fan fic. wth?? slash..het..bring it on man lol. i must say tho..the ICONS for it are georgeous. oh..if yall are interested in it...Robert Louis Stevenson's KIDNAPPED is also a great subject to do some future fan fic on. the 1995 tv movie mind u..gooodddd Armand Assante is hot heh. stay cool gang. :)

Re: fanfic

No, there's no fanfiction yet. I'd started the community with high hopes but was sidetracked by changes in my work which meant less time spent at LJ. I never really cultivated the community much. But I'd still like to see it thrive, I know there must be other fans out there somewhere.

If you see any fanfiction anywhere of Ladyhawke, please feel free to post a link to it.

Re: fanfic

hey i just got your reply..heh dang that was fast. well...i DID see one fic somewhere..not sure how to post it but i will try sending the link to u here in this reply k? was the only slash story on the site, and i must say it was very good..kinda teary tho. http://www.museatory.net/saklani/viewstory.php?sid=62VERRYY if u have a prob accessing the page just let me know..i am horrible with puter stuff lol. if u really are itchin to write a good story..a threebie one with Navarre, Isabeau, AND Phillipee would be WICKED haha. ty again.
Welcome! Sorry it took so long to reply but I still wanted to welcome you to the community.:)


http://www.museatory.net/saklani/viewstory.php?sid=62 here u go..sorry..i just now realized that VERRY part of the link shouldnt be there..my mistake..here..is the actual link. forgive my stupidity..its really hot here lol. i thinkk my brain is melting..haha jk

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